Dear Friends,


I’m very excited to share three new short stories with you: 


Emily:  10-year-old Emily Barrett is a castaway—the lone inhabitant of a desolate island in the middle of a seemingly endless ocean. An innately positive and optimistic soul, Emily does the best she can, maintaining her little house and commiserating with the wild creatures that live around her. But Emily longs for human companionship—ideally a sister—and after she finds a magical book that suggests she might be able to dream a human companion to life, she sets about learning the art of “dream weaving” and making her wish come true. As Emily’s talent and skill as a creator blossoms, she discovers deep mysteries and heartbreaking truths about her own background and identity.

The Guide:  The parents of a missing child hire a guide to accompany them on a hike in Olympic National Park, in hopes of finding healing and closure. But the journey raises more questions than it answers.


The Knocking Box:  When a young slaughterhouse employee calls attention to problems on the kill floor his boss seeks to shut him up — permanently — unaware of the consequences that await.


All three of these stories are available right here, in full, on my website. And you can also find Kindle versions of The Guide and The Knocking Box on my Amazon page.  If you do check them out please let me know what you think— I'd love to hear from you.


Warmest wishes,


Kenneth G. Bennett


Exodus 2022 opens full throttle and never lets up. A fresh, original sci-fi thriller full of unexpected twists and turns. Kept me guessing to the very last page.


 — Bob Mayer, West Point Graduate, Green Beret, and NY Times Bestselling author.


Bennett, after a neat Dean Koontz–style curtain-raiser, keeps raising the stakes… Deft storytelling and a riptide of action propel this cataclysmic narrative.


 — Kirkus Reviews



When 28-year-old Joe Stanton begins suffering severe, unexplained hallucinations while vacationing with his girlfriend in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, the authorities blame drugs.

What they don’t yet know is that others, up and down the coast—from the Bering Sea to the Puget Sound—are suffering identical, always fatal mental breakdowns.


As Joe struggles to unravel the mystery of the voices in his head and begins to perceive their world-altering significance—and his own role in the unfolding calamity—he must also outwit the authorities and outlast the time bomb ticking in his brain.

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I'm not usually a sci-fi thriller enthusiast. But Kenneth G. Bennett has set this on-the-edge-of-your-seat story in the Great Pacific Northwest where I make my home. After reading Exodus 2022, this place will never look quite the same. His best yet


 — Rebecca Wells, author, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

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